U.S. – BELARUS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE (USBELCC) is an independent non-profit membership organization established in 2011 to improve U.S. – Belarus commercial relations and to promote common business interests of its members.

USBELCC encourages bi-national business cooperation across private and public sectors of the USA and Belarus; provides valuable corporate resources and opportunities through information assistance, trade, investment, and other business-related activities at local, national, and international levels; and enables businesses around the globe to benefit from unique opportunities in the intrinsically complex international business environment.

As a leading U.S. - Belarus business association, we provide an effective platform to discover, and capitalize on, new opportunities for your business through matchmaking and networking programs, chamber and industry events, international conferences, seminars, access to timely business and economic publications, and other activities that promote common business interest of our members.

USBELCC is your door to the wealth of expertise across many industries; we assist our members in exploring multiple beneficial opportunities in both countries.

To further its mission and goals, USBELCC partners with a variety of organizations which missions are not germane to, and are contributing to the success of USBELCC operations.